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You Can’t Hack Your Way to Great

Sivanandan is nine years old. She took up chess during lockdown, which made her, what, six when she started?

She is one of five players chosen for England’s women’s team to play in the Chess Olympiad in September. Maybe she’ll be ten!

The next youngest player is an ancient 23.

You and I aren’t Sivanandan.

One, because we’re not. Only she is.

Two, because it is a rare, rare person who discovers their genius, claims their genius, and lives into their genius at such a young age.

Most of us take much longer

Some of us are still looking.

Here’s the thing. The looking is the point.

You can’t hack your way to mastery. You can’t hack your way to great. You can’t hack your way to finding purpose and meaning.

Those things are like English Gardens. They take tending and care.

Stop trying to rush mastery and meaning. Enjoy the ride.