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Why Reinvention is Hard

Reinventing yourself means the people in your life will have to think about and deal with you differently.  Their Jedi Mind Tricks will no longer work on you.  Their expectations will no longer be met in the same way.  They won’t know what box to put you in, and that rocks their world.

In the same way, reinventing yourself will scramble your own self-dialog. All those stories you tell yourself about why you do this but not that won’t fit so well.  Stories that no longer fit start to fester and stink, which means we either bring them back to life (let’s not do that anymore) or “delete and replace” with new mental models and new stories (yes, please).

Reinvention also means you will have to become comfortable with achieving at new levels, learn not to sabotage your new way of working, and learn a story about being happy and successful doing something new.

Reinvention is a choice, a choice you make over and over again.  Fortunately, like anything else you do, exercising your choice of muscles builds strength, and that strength is what will ultimately change how you roll.