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Wants are Not Needs

Some people can describe their feelings. You’d think we all could do that, but at least half of us find that difficult.

Many people can describe their wants. No accuracy or precision is required. Just like feelings, you can want whatever pleases you.

Needs are something different.

If we’re being precise, “need “transcends “want.” What someone “needs” is what will truly solve the problem. Something that will move a person towards their goal or help them make the change they seek.

If you were a doctor, you would substitute the word “diagnosis” for the word “need.”  Then, you would prescribe a solution.

Most people either conflate needs and wants. Thinking creatively about needs and possible solutions is a step beyond.

If you’re a salesperson, your job starts here: helping your buyers distinguish between feelings, wants, and needs and then offering creative ways to help them achieve their goals.