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The Idea Virus of You

The process of beginning, new or again, is a process of learning a new language, stories, and definitions of what is normal. This is true whether we are starting a career, starting fifth grade, or joining a new team.

This is how it’s done, and to succeed, you should do it this was as well.

Many people stay comfortably there. What is conventional is, by definition, comfortable. Good is on offer, but almost never great.

Through the next door lies the opportunity to contribute to the team. It could be new language, mental models, or views on what excellence looks like. Your walk and talk create an opportunity for both personal and team achievement. The team, class, or community is just a bit better because of your contribution. Your words are now our words. Your ideas are now our ideas.

Put purpose behind “how you roll.” Do the work to fully articulate and share your language and framework in the service of teaching and coaching others. You can do this as a colleague, captain, coach, or leader. Now, your language, ideas, and frameworks have the potential to travel like a virtuous virus.

Change one life, and you have opened a door that could change the world.