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The First Law of Farming

If you live on a farm, you know this.

The first law of farming is “Whatever you thought you were going to get done today, you probably won’t.” This is especially true in the spring when you’re firing up equipment that’s been sitting, turning on lines and hoses for the first time in four months, and dealing with spring weather.

You go out with a plan in mind, and then the farm rearranges everything.

The second law follows the first. “However long you thought the thing was going to take, it’s going to take longer.” See the point about fixing equipment that worked when you put it away in November and now it doesn’t.

Life is like that. We arrive at this moment on the wings of causes and conditions. We have a story about how things are supposed to go.

But it’s just a story.

We can plan, intend, and decide, and then things go how they go. Sometimes, they fit the story. Sometimes, they don’t.

So now what? What’s the story?  “It’s the first rule of farming!!!!!”  Or maybe it’s time for a new first rule of farming.

“Today is going to be what it is. Enjoy it like it’s your last.”