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The Day After Independence Day

July 5th is the day after Independence Day in the US. It’s three days after Canada Day. This year it’s a Friday.

July 5th is the 187th day of the year, except next year it will be the 186th day.

July 5th is the day before July 6th. It’s the last weekday of the 27th week of the year.

I was born in 1956. On July 5th, 2024, I will have been alive coming on 25,000 days. I wonder how many more I have.

Today, July 5th, is unlike any other day before or after. If you think about it, all those calculations and reference points are arbitrary and silly. They’re steam on the mirror and fog on the glass.

Today, July 5th is the only day happening right now.

Live it like it’s your first and last.