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Talk Less

Conversations between strangers almost always start on familiar territory. Buyers rarely reveal something meaningful in the beginning. It might be interesting, but it is seldom important.

The good stuff always comes later.

Unfortunately, many sellers never get there. Why? The temptation to start talking kicks in. They hear a “need,” and off they go.

But it’s almost always too soon.

They don’t have the complete picture. It’s not the actual need. They’re swinging at the first pitch in the first inning.

Meanwhile, the buyer isn’t listening.


The buyer is not interested. You’re not addressing something they care about.

So, the buyer is free to check in and out until you stop. The conversation continues with the buyer occasionally offering something useful and the seller doing most of the talking.

At the end of a conversation, you have “mutual mystification.” You don’t know what the buyer needs, and they have no idea how what you do can help.

Which brings me back to the headline. In this scenario, who is in control?  The person doing all the talking (and sucking up all their mental resources to do it), or the person listening?

Talk less. Ask more. Sell more.