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If The App Doesn’t Record it, Did it Really Happen?

I have a device that tracks my sleep. I look at the app every morning, happy when it tells me I slept well, bothered when it says otherwise. Last night the gizmo stopped tracking in the middle of the night. I slept in. Checking the app, it told me I had slept very poorly. I […]

Better Conversations in Three Steps

Unless you’re a hermit, monk, or writing a book, your life is likely filled with conversations. Looking back, it’s not hard to put the ones you had yesterday (or last week) into three buckets: Great Not Great Don’t Recall We all have different ideas about what those buckets mean. It’s also true that you and […]

Take Care of Yourself

Our bodies are capable of extraordinary endurance, agility, strength, and sensitivity.  We are capable of feelings and acts of profound sensitivity and love and great insight, inspiration, and intuition. Modern people ask much less of their bodies than they are capable of and yet subject their bodies to all manner of abuse due to poor […]

Do Fewer Things Better

Many of us manage our time and work by saying yes to everything and then scrambling to complete it. Maybe it’s because we think we have to. Maybe it’s the nature of the job. Maybe it’s how we were raised. Maybe it’s because we don’t know any other way. What would you do if you […]


How many fountain pens are the right number to own? Seems like a silly, first-world kind of question. The inside joke with pen collectors is, “Just one more.” I’ve heard the same answer from people who are into motorcycles, cameras, lenses, carving knives, and lots more. The same idea shows up in our daily activities. […]

Rolling on a River

The Mississippi River is approximately 2,340 miles long. Or is it? One problem is agreeing on where it starts. A common answer is Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota. But which end of the lake are we talking about? That’s another 1.5 miles, give or take. The lake is fed by several small streams, the largest […]

The Day After Independence Day

July 5th is the day after Independence Day in the US. It’s three days after Canada Day. This year it’s a Friday. July 5th is the 187th day of the year, except next year it will be the 186th day. July 5th is the day before July 6th. It’s the last weekday of the 27th […]

Making Friends, Fast

In 1997, five people at Stony Brook University published a paper suggesting people could become good friends in under an hour. The term “good” obviously covers a lot of ground, but bear with me. The initial study paired two complete strangers. The intuition was that questions inviting personal disclosure would lead to more disclosure and […]

An Amateur, a Hack, and a Professional Walk Into a Bar . . .

Jimmy Quitting. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life . . . Baseball is what gets inside you. It’s what lights you up. You can’t deny that. Dotty It just got too hard Jimmy It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it […]

Are You Sure? Really?

Philo means “love” or “friendship.” It comes from the Greek verb “philein.” Sophia means “wisdom,” “learning,” and “knowledge.” Historians think the philosopher Pythagoras (the guy who developed the theorem about right triangles) was the originator of the combination, “Philosophy” . . . a friend of wisdom. I think we would be better all around if […]