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Our Children Are Watching

In 2002 I was thinking a lot about the ethical storm large companies were caught in, the drums of war in Central Asia, and my own journey towards some as yet to be discovered purpose.  From the title you can tell I was thinking here about ethics.

The Day Time Stood Still

Another entry from the “Way Back Machine,” written and published in August  of 2003, shortly after a searing trip to Hiroshima.  I saw the Bomb Dome, was visited by the ghosts of people who left before their time.  I was changed forever.  

Something is Rotten in Denmark . . . But What?

This is from the “Way Back Machine: First published in August of 2002.  It was and is a contemplation on   an epic period of corporate avarice.  One of many and a foreshadow of more to come not that many years later.