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Now or never!

From the movie Tin Cup


I’m ready to charge forth in pursuit of my mythic destiny and I can’t even get time off from work to do it.


I’m no expert here, but it seems that the pursuit of a mythic destiny isn’t something that you need to get off a $7-an-hour job to do.

. . . . . . . .

Are you a “good decision-maker?”

Here’s a clue.

A decision is an allocation of resources. It’s not just imagining, visualizing, or manifesting. It’s committing your time, energy, and attention to something . . . and therefore not in service of all the other possible somethings.

Good decision-makers actively search out and find the decision opportunities that can make their lives better.

They do not live their life on autopilot, only changing their routines to solve the occasional problem.

They take responsibility for making themselves and their teams better.

Be a good decision-maker. Don’t wait for a decision to be forced on you!