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Lousy Work for Lousy Clients

(This builds on a previous missive about Transcendence.)

The quality of your work and the quality of your clients have a ratcheting effect.

When we’re new, we typically start at the other polarity—doing lousy work for lousy clients. It’s not that they’re bad or you’re bad—it’s just that you’re new. You don’t yet know what good work looks like or what a good (let alone great) client looks like.

They’re looking for anyone who can do the job, and you’re anyone.

As you build confidence and competence, you can level up—Good Work for Good clients. They’re looking to make a change and are open to your hard-earned insights and ideas. You’re no longer transacting; you’re teaching the client to think differently.

They’re looking for someone, and you’re someone.

Keep doing this with purpose and a third door opens. “Game” recognizes “game.” You’re no longer just teaching; you’re transforming. You’re no longer selling but recruiting fellow travelers to join your adventure.

They’re looking for you; You’re choosing them.

As fast as you can, drive past lousy clients. Figure out what a great client looks like and develop the superpowers required to deliver the great work for which they’ll pay a premium.