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Four Encouragements

Sometimes it helps to remind ourselves to . . .

Show Up

You can’t win if you’re not on the field.  You can’t play if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.  There’s no point in being there if you’re not really going to be there.

Simply showing up consistently in a high-quality way separates you from most of your competition.

Don’t Give Up

Will is a conscious act of creating focus, intensity, and resolve to persevere through the trials, setbacks, and hardships we inevitably face.

Superior opponents have been defeated, and impossible tasks have been achieved by people who bear down and push forward when others have stopped.

Pay Attention

No plan survives first contact with reality. Nothing is how we think it should be, and nothing should be any particular way other than how it is right now.

Endeavor to be mentally present. Encourage the monkey-chatter brain to leave the room. Be fully aware of “what is.”


Success doesn’t go to the fittest, the smartest, or the best-looking.  It doesn’t go to whoever does the best job of “following the rules,” either. It goes to whoever is best adapted to “what is.” Adapt faster than competitors, and you get more of what you want. Another way of thinking about this is to take what the situation gives you.