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These are essays from the wayback machine. The topics are varied. Some are about business, but mostly rumination on current events and whatever caught my attention at the time.

Musing on the Nature of Art

This is taken from a long email interchange between me and a very good friend who has since passed.  A terrible blow which makes rediscovering

You Need a Craft

This might be one of my favorite essays from 2002 . . . a massive hat tip to two great musicians, one a gifted teacher,

Our Children Are Watching

In 2002 I was thinking a lot about the ethical storm large companies were caught in, the drums of war in Central Asia, and my

Giving Thanks . . .

I wrote this on Thanksgiving, 2002, a bit more than a year removed from 9.11.01 . . . a good time to be thinking grateful


I wrote this in 2003 as our nation stepped into a war that is still going on today, in the dog days summer, 2017.  It