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These are essays from the wayback machine. The topics are varied. Some are about business, but mostly rumination on current events and whatever caught my attention at the time.

Make Better Decisions. Please.

Decisions aren’t found under a rock. Decision-making is what makes us human. It’s why we have those big frontal lobes. Decision-making is the means by which

Who’s On First

Baseball fans will be able to date this essay to 1988. I found it on my hard drive while looking for something else. I wrote

9.11.01 (written the week after)

There is a passage in Job (28: 7) that says: “There is a path that no fowl knoweth, neither hath the raven’s eye seen.” Choose

Intentions and Attention

Attention is finite. We only have so much to spend per unit of time. Each distraction chips away at this incredible precious commodity until there