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Making Friends, Fast

In 1997, five people at Stony Brook University published a paper suggesting people could become good friends in under an hour. The term “good” obviously covers a lot of ground, but bear with me. The initial study paired two complete strangers. The intuition was that questions inviting personal disclosure would lead to more disclosure and […]

An Amateur, a Hack, and a Professional Walk Into a Bar . . .

Jimmy Quitting. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life . . . Baseball is what gets inside you. It’s what lights you up. You can’t deny that. Dotty It just got too hard Jimmy It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it […]

Are You Sure? Really?

Philo means “love” or “friendship.” It comes from the Greek verb “philein.” Sophia means “wisdom,” “learning,” and “knowledge.” Historians think the philosopher Pythagoras (the guy who developed the theorem about right triangles) was the originator of the combination, “Philosophy” . . . a friend of wisdom. I think we would be better all around if […]

It’s Getting Back Up That Matters

I count about 25 people who disproportionately affected how my 45+ years career played out. One was named Terri, the other Jim. When I met Terri, she was a young VP at Wells Fargo. You could tell she had it all going on. She also saw something in me. Our careers intersected many times over […]

All The Best Words

German is a pretty rich language.  Depending on how and what you count, there are about 500,000 words . . . though others place it at 1 million or even 5 million. Like I said, it depends on the counting. English is less complex but still hefty. Call it 600,000 words with room to the […]

Reflecting on D-Day

Of all the days to remember . . . Labor Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day, 9.11, December 7 . . . the one that always causes me pause is D-Day. On this day, 80 years ago as I write, the largest armada in the history of the world set forth to cross the English Channel […]

What are You Worth?

Anyone who sells a service has been offered the opportunity to discount their fees. The number you land on is the intersection of . . . How the buyer values you. How the buyer values solving the problem. How you value you. You have no chance of adjusting the buyer’s sense of the first two […]

Five Reminders

We live in a chaotic, random, dynamic system. Order and control are illusions. We are biological. The condition and health of our bodies dictate how we experience every aspect of our lives. We are driven by deeply embedded programming. We are far more sensitive, intuitive, and easily influenced than we think. We are model makers […]

Are You In, or Into Something Else?

I’m In Saying “I’m in” means you are committing your resources—your time, energy, attention, and intentions—to something. “I’m in” energy propels us forward, creates self-confidence, and inspires confidence in others.  “I’m in” to this means “I’m not in” to something else.  It’s a true decision. I’m Not In Really?  It’s never that you’re not in; […]

Lousy Work for Lousy Clients

(This builds on a previous missive about Transcendence.) The quality of your work and the quality of your clients have a ratcheting effect. When we’re new, we typically start at the other polarity—doing lousy work for lousy clients. It’s not that they’re bad or you’re bad—it’s just that you’re new. You don’t yet know what […]