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Are You Sure? Really?

Philo means “love” or “friendship.” It comes from the Greek verb “philein.” Sophia means “wisdom,” “learning,” and “knowledge.” Historians think the philosopher Pythagoras (the guy who developed the theorem about right triangles) was the originator of the combination, “Philosophy” . . . a friend of wisdom. I think we would be better all around if […]

It’s Getting Back Up That Matters

I count about 25 people who disproportionately affected how my 45+ years career played out. One was named Terri, the other Jim. When I met Terri, she was a young VP at Wells Fargo. You could tell she had it all going on. She also saw something in me. Our careers intersected many times over […]

I Really Don’t Care, But in a Good Way

Some years ago, I was involved in a drawn-out negotiation with a Fortune 100 company. The team I was part of had been doing good and richly rewarded work, and we were all interested in upping our game. The client wanted more access to our intellectual property. We wanted a more predictable revenue stream over […]

Stuff Happens

Well, of course, it does. This moment results from all the stuff that happened, and the next one is the same. It’s all just stuff that happens. We’re the ones attaching stories to it. Normal Stuff. What we were expecting. Good Stuff. Better than we were expecting. Great Stuff. Way better than we were expecting […]

Throw Out That Anchor

Question . . . The price of this car is $30,000. Is that a good deal? Different Question . . . The retail price of this (same) car is $35,000. I’ll sell it to you for $30,000. Is that a good deal? Different Question . . . This (same) car retails for $29,000 but has […]

Are You In, or Into Something Else?

I’m In Saying “I’m in” means you are committing your resources—your time, energy, attention, and intentions—to something. “I’m in” energy propels us forward, creates self-confidence, and inspires confidence in others.  “I’m in” to this means “I’m not in” to something else.  It’s a true decision. I’m Not In Really?  It’s never that you’re not in; […]

Is Transcendence Too Much to Ask?

Good is delivering what you promise. People get what they bargained for. You’re reliable. You deliver. Great adds surprise and delight. People come for the promise and leave with a story to tell. You’re remarkable. Transcendence adds connection and community. People come to you to “find the others.” You’re the North Star. Good is hard […]

Bricks, Walls, and Cathedrals

A man sits by the road beneath a tree, enjoying a mid-afternoon snack.  A man walks by with a load of bricks. Our friend calls out to the worker, “Good afternoon, what are you doing?” The worker replies, “I’m carrying bricks.” Soon, another worker walks by, also carrying bricks. Our friend calls out to the […]

Now or never!

From the movie Tin Cup Roy I’m ready to charge forth in pursuit of my mythic destiny and I can’t even get time off from work to do it. Romeo I’m no expert here, but it seems that the pursuit of a mythic destiny isn’t something that you need to get off a $7-an-hour job […]

Why Some Decisions are Hard

Some decisions are easy, usually because . . . You have made a similar decision before. It is easy to figure out what you really want. You have “good” choices. The trade-offs are easy to make. The cost of making a bad choice seems low. You’ll know quickly if you made a bad choice and […]