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These are essays from the wayback machine. The topics are varied. Some are about business, but mostly rumination on current events and whatever caught my attention at the time.

Be A Lighthouse

It’s rare to meet someone who displays curiosity, care, and connection. It’s like finding a lighthouse in the fog of daily noise and non-connection. We

We All Could Use Some “Sukha”

Language is powerful. If we use words with care, they help us make good distinctions and evoke helpful emotions. Language can also be a sedative,

Beware the Two Answer Question

“Should I quit my job or not?” “Should we go to Paris or Rome? “Should we fire our idiot financial advisor or not?” Think of

You Don’t Need to do It Yourself

You can’t do it alone, and more to the point, you don’t need to. Find and recruit three kinds of people to Team You. Angels