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These are essays from the wayback machine. The topics are varied. Some are about business, but mostly rumination on current events and whatever caught my attention at the time.

Throw Out That Anchor

Question . . . The price of this car is $30,000. Is that a good deal? Different Question . . . The retail price of

What are You Worth?

Anyone who sells a service has been offered the opportunity to discount their fees. The number you land on is the intersection of . .

Four (of many) Rules of Selling

There are many rules (lessons, principles, good ideas) governing good selling. Here are four for your list. People buy from people. It’s easy to forget

Why Reinvention is Hard

Reinventing yourself means the people in your life will have to think about and deal with you differently.  Their Jedi Mind Tricks will no longer

Five Reminders

We live in a chaotic, random, dynamic system. Order and control are illusions. We are biological. The condition and health of our bodies dictate how

Are You In, or Into Something Else?

I’m In Saying “I’m in” means you are committing your resources—your time, energy, attention, and intentions—to something. “I’m in” energy propels us forward, creates self-confidence,