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These are essays from the wayback machine. The topics are varied. Some are about business, but mostly rumination on current events and whatever caught my attention at the time.

Making Friends, Fast

In 1997, five people at Stony Brook University published a paper suggesting people could become good friends in under an hour. The term “good” obviously

Are You Sure? Really?

Philo means “love” or “friendship.” It comes from the Greek verb “philein.” Sophia means “wisdom,” “learning,” and “knowledge.” Historians think the philosopher Pythagoras (the guy

It’s Getting Back Up That Matters

I count about 25 people who disproportionately affected how my 45+ years career played out. One was named Terri, the other Jim. When I met

25 People

In the 1990s, a man named Dunbar suggested a correlation between primate brain size and social group size. Without litigating his research, he proposed that