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Nov 21

Go-to-Market Paper Available Online

By kevin | Announcements

I recently republished a paper I wrote some years ago about the how’s and why’s of tuning up your go-to-market strategy.  Here’s the lead on it . . .

At some point it occurs to every executive. Maybe it’s a nagging thought in the middle of a meeting or while playing chess with a tough opponent. Maybe it’s a raging impatience. Hopefully it’s a strategic and permanent insight. “It” often sounds like this: “”We’re spending all this time, money, and resource on marketing, sales, fulfillment, information technology, and about forty other things. Tell me again how they all fit together“?

Or let’s put it in the positive.

The demand side of our business, the supply side, and the supporting infrastructure must all line up through clear strategies and initiatives that serve customers and produce value.

Well you’ve just defined a go-to-market strategy.

  • Go-to-market strategy: A coherent set of choices that align your people, processes, products, premises (physical and virtual channels), and partners to deliver your brand promise, the desired customer experience, and tangible value.

This paper can also be downloaded from the DQI Website.

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