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Feb 22

Vincent Motors Configurator is a great example of helping people explore alternatives

By kevin | Decision Making

Even if you can’t stand the idea of motorcycles, you should spend a few minutes playing around with the Vincent Motors Configurator . . .

If you’re interested in motorcycles, perhaps you should avoid it. This thoroughly engaging doodad allows you to wile away the hours not only dreaming about the brand-new throwback Vincent you can’t afford, but to dream about it in specific, customized-for-you detail. Brilliant.

People have two relationships with choices. One is that they are overwhelmed by the choices they perceive they face. Sometimes that’s because there are too many. Sometimes that’s because of the perceived consequences (in which case the problem isn’t with the choices, it’s with the outcomes you associate with the choices).

More often, we have too few choices, or at least two few interesting choices. There are lots of reasons for that, most of which have to do with being stuck in a rut . . . a rut of defining the problem in the same old ways or looking in the same old places for solutions.

The Vincent Motors Configurator is brilliant on the last point. It gives you lots of ideas. And because the company wants to sell you a bike, it gives you lots of ideas about how to think about and dream about their bike.

It’s brilliant for another reason as well (there, I’ve used that adjective thrice now). It engages the user in a branded transaction. That means it has done the following . . .

Involves the customer

Engages information for trust. With every mouse click, you’re trusting the brand more and giving the company more information.

Adapts the experience based on the interchange.

Delivers the essence of the brand.

I have a paper on the Branded Customer Experience. Email me if you’re interested.

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