Hustling the K1200 GT

One of the popular misconceptions about the big K bikes (courtesy of testers who ride them for a day or two) is that they somehow don’t handle, or don’t handle as well as their obvious competitors.  Having put 24,000 miles on what many think is the best handling bike in the class, the mighty FJR, … [Read more…]

Hanging Off

Talk about 15 seconds of fame. My good friend Bret Tkacs, co-owner with Christie of Puget Sound Safety sent me a link to this video. Fun soundtrack. At about two minutes you’ll see me, a tiny blob in black on my old SV1000S going down through the Ss at Seattle Raceway. Not bad form though … [Read more…]

Get your bike on the track

I got out to the track three times in the summer of 2007 to Pacific Raceways near Seattle. Twice with the 2-Fast School, once with the folks at Puget Sound Safety. I’d been to the track before on my FJR . . . what a huge difference on the SV. A couple of bits . … [Read more…]