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Feb 05

SportRider Magazine's excellent articles on suspension setup

By kevin | Set-up, Repair. Maintain

You don’t have to raise your hand because nobody is watching . . . suspension set-up baffles many of us. The whole concept of a spring and a shock makes sense, but words like pre-load, compression damping, and rebound damping are cause for some head scratching.

There is nothing like have someone who knows set up your bike. It’s not expensive and it makes a world of difference when you get it right. Later, you can worry about spending money on new gear.

Suspension Setup
Dial in your bike’s suspension more

Technicalities: Suspension and Springs
What’s all this ruckus about suspension these days? It seems everyone is clued in that suspension setup can be a key to riding fast and… more

Technicalities: Compression Damping
In the March issue’s “Technicalities,” we started to delve into the “Witches’ Brew” of suspension systems with damping. Specifically, we… more

Technicalities: Rebound Damping
Onward and inward. The February ’96 Technicalities article gave an overview of suspension forces and the different types of energy… more

Technicalities: Suspension Overview: Back to Basics
Rocket Science, voodoo, black art…suspension in general, and damping specifically, have been shrouded in mystery for years. Enhanced… more

Technicalities: Suspension Hardware Terms
People often ask about the definitions of terms regarding suspension. We decided to compile a glossary of suspension terms to help clear… more

Technicalities: Cartridge Forks
I am often asked the question, “Why cartridge forks? What’s so great about them?” Riders know they’re better but don’t know why. Let’s… more

Technicalities: Spring Rate and Preload
Commonly asked questions like, “What’s the difference between spring rate and preload?” and “Can’t I make the spring stiffer by cranking in… more

Technicalities: Damping rod forks and the Race Tech Gold Valve Emulator
In the August ’94 “Technicalities” we discussed the question, “Why cartridge forks?” We answered that question, but in doing so we… more

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