Conversation with Keith Ellis, Furygan Importer

I started wearing Furygan leathers last year. I bought them for several reasons. * A friend was wearing them and I thought they looked good. * They fit my shape and build well. * I had read about them in a British motorcycle magazine. Later I discovered that the importer, a man named Keith Ellis, … [Read more…]

Conversation with Gary B

  I met Gary at a conference. I was doing a keynote on story telling and showed some pictures of me on motorcycles and mentioned my deep interest and miscellaneous ramblings on these vary pages. Gary tracked me down and we wound up having an email conversation. Tell me a little about yourself. What do … [Read more…]

Conversation with Ted Bishop

Ted Bishop wrote one of my new favorite books, a wonderful contemplation on riding and more called Riding with Rilke (I reviewed it here). [amtap book:isbn=0393330745] He and I started up a fun correspondence and I persuaded him to opine on some of my own musings about the metaphysics of riding. You are a professor … [Read more…]

Conversation with Carl Schelin

I met Carl (virtually) on a motorcycle forum. Think of him as your average, every day, mid-life motorcycle crazy. He agreed to answer my various questions. Lots of great thoughts about riding. He also has assembled one of the most impressive personal motorcycle sites you’ll ever find: loads of ride reports, maps, pictures, and more. … [Read more…]

Conversation with Lowell Goss: Founder of Fast3R

Lowell Goss is too young to be having this much fun. (I think that’s known as a “Zimmerman” opening.) Lowell is yet another boy-genius who has figured out a way to combine a passion for riding with making a living. Actually, he’s working hard on a new internet venture called Fast3R, so the making a … [Read more…]

Conversation with Dylan Weiss: Part 2

This is part two of an interview I did with Dylan Weiss, the genius behind Twisting Asphalt and Twist The Throttle. How many bikes have you ridden? You must have a couple of favorites, or perhaps some that are most memorable. Give me a couple of sentences about your top five. I honestly have no … [Read more…]