Drive-by Review: Shark RSR2 vs. Shoei X11

My good riding pal Hal just got a Shark RSR2. Here are his initial impressions. More to come . . . Got my new Shark RSR2 helmet the other day and have been wearing it around the house a bit. Here are my impressions so far, though I have yet to take a ride with … [Read more…]

Drive-by Review: Bead Rider butt saver

Anyone who has ever ridden a new generation BMW K1200GT has tales of wonder and regard for nearly everything other than the saddle . . . which is truly awful, one of the worst in all of motorcycledom, and absolutely the worst in the class. In the past I’ve gone immediately to having a custom … [Read more…]

Drive-By Review: Gerbing 12V Hybrid Heated Insoles

I’ve been a big fan and user of Gerbing heated gear since shortly after buying my first reentry bike.  I have one of nearly everything that they make, so it was a no-brainer to buy a set of their new heated insoles, particularly because i kind of loathe their socks. Why do I loathe the … [Read more…]

Drive-By Review: TechSpec

I put TechSpec on all my bikes.  I just don’t see how you can ride a modern performance-oriented bike without the ability to get a solid grip on your tank.  I include sport bikes, naked bikes, sport touring bike, and adventure bikes in this category.  So on it went to my K1200GT. The material is … [Read more…]

Drive-By Review: Bags Connection Engage Bag Installation

I’ve tried most forms of tank bags . . . this was my first go at the very clever ring-mounted “Engage” bag by Bags Connection (bought mine from Pirate’s Lair).  For those not familiar, the bag itself attached to the bike via a plastic horseshoe shaped ring that joins up with a mate that’s attached … [Read more…]

Protect Your Radar Detector

A recent posting about Legal Speeding’s excellent (at least as far as I’m concerned) H.A.R.D. system reminds me that one of the devilish bits about running a Valentine-1 or other top line radar detector is keeping the darned thing tucked in against the elements.  There are a number of solutions out there, all of which … [Read more…]

Drive-by Review: Destination Highways

I’ve been a huge fan of the most excellent Destination Highways Guide to Washington.  Brian Bosworth and Mike Sanders are certifiable motorcycle junkies and pour themselves into writing these guides.  Gear and books have a way of finding me in startling amounts and I can say with certainty I’ve bought and read all, or nearly … [Read more…]

Drive-by Review: Zumo Mount for K1200GT

Hail BMW.  Bikes like the K1200GT beg to go long, which means you need someplace to put your GPS and probably a Radar Detector.  And likely more than that. I loved my FJR, but locating, yet alone wiring up farkles, was a major PITA.  So count me thrilled with the fact that BWM makes a … [Read more…]

Drive By Review: Perfect Switch BMW Mirror Posts

I just took delivery of a 2008 K1200GT, a bike that begs for every sort of farkle in the book.  Blessedly, BMW mounts the mirrors on the fairing leaving open the mirror post holes for alternative uses.  One logical choice is a Techmount.  I’ve bought probably half a dozen of these over the years and … [Read more…]

Drive-by Review: Underarmour heat gear

I may be the last one to this parade, but I finally discovered the joys of underamour heat gear / compression gear. Those are a lot of words: Here’s what they mean. Compression gear: I’ve been peripherally aware of the idea of compression gear most of my life from closely studying the Sears Catalog as … [Read more…]