Retro Motorbikes Gone Wild

The Wall Street Journal has published a fun piece on retro motorbikes called “Riding Retro Style.”  Here’s the lead From Chrysler’s PT Cruiser to Chevrolet’s new 1969-style Camaro, retro styling has been used by carmakers to generate buzz and spur sales. Now motorcycle companies are following the auto industry’s lead, sprinkling the market with midsize, … [Read more…]

1200 Miles In on my K1200GT

This is almost embarrassing to write.  I’ve owned my 2007 K1200GT since Thanksgiving, so that’s nearly five months, and I’ve managed to log a grand total of about 1200 miles on the mighty mile muncher from Munich (ouch).  I’ll plead crappy weather and leave it at that.  It is a pitiful, desultory performance.  The good … [Read more…]

Motorbikes of the Apocalypse

I’ve just finished reading Neil Strauss’ book called Emergency.  Not completely sure what to think about it, but the general arc is his journey into all things oriented to survival in a world where the stuff has hit the fan. [amtap book:isbn=0060898771] I know, I know.  But it’s an entertaining read in a paranoid sort … [Read more…]

Mission One on a Mission (I had to write that)

All I can see is feast your eyes . . . and yes, it’s an electric. Here’s the story about Mission One . . . Forrest North first dreamed of building an electric motorcycle when leading the Stanford University Solar Car Team in 1998. Seven years later, he joined Tesla Motors working with many of … [Read more…]

KTM 990 Adventure S Gone Wild

I guess I’m on a KTM roll.  Great ad featuring a dad who drifts his 990 on dirt and asphalt, and then comes home to his little son who clearly isn’t ready for big boy toys. Watch the rider manhandle his 990 like it was a 250. Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: KTM, 990 … [Read more…]

KTM 690 Supermoto Gone Wild

If this doesn’t make you want a KTM Supermoto, nothing will. Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: KTM, 690 Supermotot

KTM RC8 Gone Wild

This video just gets me all hot and bothered.  Watch it with the sound up. Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: KTM, RC8

Welcome Home K1200GT

At least it wasn’t actually snowing.  That came later.  But it was damn near that cold and raining too.  Not the ideal day to take delivery of a new motorcycle, but then, who buys new motorcycles in December anyway! I never really mean to buy these things, which is to say that I’ve thought about … [Read more…]