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Aug 16

Just Thinking Again

By kevin | Current Affairs

In the “I told you so” category . . . and you’ll recall my previous rant on follow the money and who would benefit from a faux debt crisis . . . the answer to the question “What will corporations rolling in cash do with that cash?” is not, employ people.  It is “merger Monday” where Google writes a check for billions of dollars to buy Motorola Mobility.  Pink slips to follow.

In other news, Warren Buffet paid 17% in taxes last year.  His calls to the know-betters on the right is to sniff.  What could the second richest man in the world possibly know about capital formation and job creation?

Rick Perry, the latest savior of the Grand Old White People’s party is now accusing our Fed Chairman of “treason.”  Not an especially nuanced word.  Hmmmm, let’s see, what are the twin mandates of the Fed.  The first is hold down inflation.  Check.  The second is full employment. Seems like the FRB has done everything it can to pay off the bets made by the idiots on Capital Hill and back stop their non decisions. Yeah, that seems like treason to me.

And to think I used to have a bunch of Swiss Francs sitting in a drawer some place.

It’s been awhile so don’t be surprised if there isn’t a Somali pirate siting, perhaps in Galveston Bay this time.

Note to RIM senior executives.  I assume your golden parachutes are packed and ready?

I don’t know about you but I know I’ve been thinking that what this country needs is another Christian Conservative, never had a real job other than in government President from Texas. Let the snide remarks about community organizer begin.  Is this really the best we can do?

Note to Red Sox nation.  You may be able to beet CC Sabitha but you can’t beat the Mariners.

And the market’s response to the SP downgrade?  Joe and Mary Sixpack panicked, went to cash, and got screwed.  Again.  The high frequency guys made tons of money. And treasuries are flying out the door at the lowest yield anyone can remember.

Speaking of the dollar, have you met it’s idiot brother the Euro and its crazy uncle the Yen?

Next year, I vote for the Mariners just skipping the first half of the season so we can get straight to the youth movement part.  Much more entertaining.

Any thought that the patent laws might be overhauled were deep sixed by GOOG, MS, and APPL

Does anyone know the over under on the date Greece gets kicked out of the EU?

Aug 09

And in Other News

By kevin | Current Affairs

Candidate Huntsman tweets that he believes in evolution and thinks there’s something to this whole global warming thing. Thinking people everywhere are dumbstruck. The Tea Party strikes back.

Carly F buys Compaq, nearly kills HP, and loses her job.  Mark Hurd buys EDS, nearly kills it and HP, and loses his job.  Leo A, who lost his job as CEO of SAP but becomes CEO of HP announces he’s going to sell what Carly bought, the thing that accounts for 75% of HPs earnings, and nearly kills HP in a single day. Thinking people everywhere are dumbstruck. The markets strike back.

Bill Clinton turned 65. His enemies struck and missed. His wife should have sucked more. Give that man a cigar and a blowjob.

Rick Perry announces that they teach creationism down in Texas which is not true, illegal, and unconstitutional. Thinking people everywhere are dumbstruck. The Tea Party strikes back.

Candidate O’Donnell goes on TV to promote her book wherein she talks about her views about gay marriage. When asked her views on gay marriage she says she only wants to talk about what she wants to talk about in her book.  Then she storms off the set.  Ooooookkkkkkaaaaaay then.  Thinking people everywhere are dumbstruck. The Tea Party strikes back.

President Obama is touting his jobs bill.  Most people see it for what it is, his job bill. Thinking people everywhere are dumbstruck. The Tea Party strikes back.

President’s Merky and Sarko play kick the can with European debt. German taxpayers go to bed happy. The markets strike back. German taxpayers wake up less happy. Rinse and repeat.

Candidate Bachman promises $2 gas under her administration. The world is scheduled to end the day after that happens. Thinking people everywhere begin stocking up on bullets, shot size bottles of vodka, and bottled water. The Tea Party strikes back.

Candidate Romney was last heard asking if anyone got the number of the bus that just ran him over.  IRRLVANT. The Tea Party strikes back.

The corpses of Hewlett, Packard, and Galvin were last seen spinning in their graves. Thinking people everywhere are saddened. Fucking stupid CEOs strike back.

Congress is on vacation. Thinking people everywhere hope they don’t come back.