My Heart is Broken, My Dear Friend Steve Has Died

Some people have many friends.  I’m not that person.  While I know many people, I count very few of them as true friends and fewer still are in the inner circle. Steve is one of those in that circle.  I’ve known Steve since I was in high school.  I met him because he dated my … [Read more…]

The President’s Horrible Subversive Message to Students: Stay in School, Work Hard, Take Personal Responsiblity

Well it’s finally done.  The President has launched his evil, calculating, socialist worldview on unsuspecting students.  Good thing all those vigilant Christian mom’s and dad’s got wise to the bad man and his bad message before their children were polluted.  So what did the President say?  Some snips . . . I know that feeling. … [Read more…]

Now is the coolest

This is just the coolest time waster I’ve seen in a long time.  It’s part of Sprint’s new ad campaign for their Now Network.  Every one of these little widgets is interactive. Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: SprintNowNetwork

The Brilliance of Political Math on Universal Healthcare

I have been enjoying scurrying about a brilliant site called PoliticalMath.  Love his sense of humor.  Love his skepticism/good-natured cynicism.  Here’s a very funny video about the relative wait times for getting a doctor appointment in Atlanta vs. Boston.  Keep in mind that Massachusettes is being held up as an example of what the nation … [Read more…]