Torturing Christianity

I’ve been following the “torture debate” for some time.   In many ways the most interesting insight, and this first came out about two weeks back, is the extent to which people how describe themselves as Christians are in favor of torture.  A snip . . . Rev. Ronald Kuykendall, an evangelical pastor in Gainesville, Florida, … [Read more…]

Noticing The Nature of Order

A friend sent me a something by thinking/computer/pattern language heavyweight Richard P. Gabriel, The Nature of Order: The Post-Pattern World.  Some wonderful thoughts. [amtap book:isbn=0975257382] [amtap book:isbn=020172183X] Roughness Things which have real life always have a certain ease, a morphological roughness. It is not a residue of technically inferior culture, or the result of handcraft … [Read more…]

Run Notes: James Andrew, BCG speaks to SAMA

These are my run notes from an address by James Andrew, Sr. Partner, MD BCG, Head of Global Innovation Practice, to the 2009 SAMA annual meeting. [amtap book:isbn=1422103137] I learned about strategic accounts from an early age.  My father sold grease and oil for forty years.  I remember my introduction to big accounts and how … [Read more…]

Run Notes: Anne Mulcahy, Xerox CEO Speaks to SAMA

These are my run notes from an address by Anne Mulcahy, CEO Xerox, to the annual meeting of the Strategic Accounts Management Organization in Hollywood, Florida. I want to begin, I know there are lots of you who are good Xerox customers, and we want to thank you.  We take that very seriously. My message … [Read more…]

The Lessons Of Insurgency

Another great piece by Malcolm Gladwell, this on the dynamics of refusing to play the game by established rules.  Here’s the hypothesis wrapped up in the story of David v. Goliath . . . David’s victory over Goliath, in the Biblical account, is held to be an anomaly. It was not. Davids win all the … [Read more…]

Did You Know? Your World in Statistics

This is a stunningly cool video chockablock with statistics about the world we live in.  Hip music and good animation.  it will blow your mind how out of step you are . . . Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: DidYou Know, Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, Jeff Brenman, China, India, Internet, Google, iPod, Facebook, Myspace

From BAI: Charlie Scharf talks to Tom Brown

These are my run notes from a conversation between Charlie Scharf of JP Morgan Chase and Tom Brown of at the BAI Mavericks in Banking Conference. Charlie Scharf: Head of Retail Financial Services at JP Morgan Chase Tom: Talk about when you came into Bank Ones’ retail and then Chase . . . what … [Read more…]

From BAI: Doug Lebda from

These are run notes from a conversation with Doug Lebda, Chairman and CEO of and Tom Brown of from BAI’s Mavericks in Banking Conference. Tom: Start by talking about the founding through IPO Doug I’m not a banker.  I came at it from the standpoint of a frustrated consumer. I was attriting.  The … [Read more…]