Learning From Generation F

Gary Hamel has done a great job summarizing the dynamics of “Generation F” in a piece called “The Facebook Generation vs. the Fortune 500.”  Here are the points.  Read the article. All ideas compete on an equal footing. Contribution counts for more than credentials. Hierarchies are natural, not prescribed. Leaders serve rather than preside. Tasks … [Read more…]

Public Officials and Strategic Misrepresenation. They Lie.

Seattle Times Columnist Danny Westneat has found the research that validates what the rest of us already know.  Public Officials lie.  In this case, the lying is about the true costs of massive public works projects. For those not following Seattle public works projects, we have an ugly old viaduct that routes traffic above and … [Read more…]

Thomas Barnett on Strategy for War and Peace

Excellent talk on war and peace in a world of failed states. Smart. Biting.  Funny. Tragic.  If you’re a public or foreign policy geek, it’s a must watch. Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: catastophicsuccess, anti acccess area denial assymetrical strategies, battle space, transitino space, peace space

Evelyn Glennie on Music. Prepare to be stunned.

A colleague sent me a link to this video of Evelyn Glennie’s talk at TED about “How to listen to music with your whole body.”  She’s lovely.  It’s lovely. She’s deaf.  You’ll be stunned. Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: TED, Evelyn Glennie, music, hearing,

Dexter Filkins on Ahmed Chalabi: We are Gulliver

I’m nearly done with a very finely drawn portrait of our involvement in Iraq called The Forever War by Dexter Filkins. [amtap book:isbn=0307266397] Stipulating everything that needs to be about the fog of war, the political rats nest that is Washington, the bumbling and stumbling, and all the rest, this quote about Ahmed Chalabi, one … [Read more…]

On Technology Tar Pits

A colleague referred me to Neal Ford’s elegant blog on technology.  Here’s a brilliant quote from a series he’s written on the trials and travails of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) . Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is. What I’m concerned about in this post is the overall landscape, which is another way … [Read more…]

Chuck Norris is My Hero

I haven’t thought about Chuck Norris, well, ever.  I found these absolutely fabulous fun facts following a link from Neal Ford’s wonderfully smart blog. Each is like a mental truffle you just have to roll around in your mind before you go to the next. If you have five dollars and Chuck Norris has five … [Read more…]

1200 Miles In on my K1200GT

This is almost embarrassing to write.  I’ve owned my 2007 K1200GT since Thanksgiving, so that’s nearly five months, and I’ve managed to log a grand total of about 1200 miles on the mighty mile muncher from Munich (ouch).  I’ll plead crappy weather and leave it at that.  It is a pitiful, desultory performance.  The good … [Read more…]