President Obama’s 2010 Budget Message

Too few people will even read this, yet alone the budget summary just posted on the OMB website. But let me encourage you to take the FIVE MINUTES you’ll need to read President Obama’s Budget Message (the intro, not the whole thing; that’s much longer). It will give you a good sense, right in his … [Read more…]

Is Hedge Fund Just Code For Thievery?

In what is starting to feel like an ongoing mortar attack, the WSJ reports today yet another multi-zillion dollar financial fraud . . . In the latest round of financial-fraud allegations to erupt, two money managers have been accused of misappropriating at least $553 million, and using it to fund a lifestyle of lavish homes, … [Read more…]

Motorbike Suspensions Explained

A guy named Chris Longhurst and organized a very impressive site called Car Bibles. A friend alerted me to an excellent section on bike suspensions, as good as you’ll read in one place. He seems serious about his copyright, so you’ll just have to go see for yourself: Good explanations and some nice graphics. Worth … [Read more…]

Men and Women Sin Differently

It had to happen.  The nice folks in Rome have decided to share some of the fun and games from the confessional.  No suprise that men and women have different vices of choice according to Monsignor Wojciech Giertych, personal theologian to Pope Benedict XVI and the papal household, buttressed by an analysis of confessional data … [Read more…]

Propeller Heads and the Tragedy of the Commons

I wish I had been invited to an online conversation on the New York Times website between David Brooks and Gail Collins called The Propeller Head’s Dilemma. Here are a couple of snips and what I imagine i might have added. David Brooks, speaking about his concern that Obama’s “propeller heads,” consumed by a lack … [Read more…]

Appreciating Appreciative Inquiry

A dear friend and colleague sent me a note directing me towards something called Appreciative Inquiry.  Just when you think you’ve seen every way to effect positive change, you find that you’re not even close.  A couple of really stunning quotes . . . “The traditional approach to change is to look for the problem, … [Read more…]

Wandering the Streets of London Town

Dateline: London Did a lot of walking yesterday.  I must be the only guy who doesn’t own an Aston Martin. Geez, they’re like Honda Civics over here.  Even the maids drive them. It takes awhile to get used to seeing cars without drivers coming down the street towards you. Was walking along Walton Street, runs … [Read more…]