34th Annual List of Words That Need to be Banished

One of the very best end of year summaries comes courtesy of Lake Superior State University.  It’s their 34th annual List of Words to be Banished.  Here are the 2008 winners. GREEN – The ubiquitous ‘Green’ and all of its variables, such as ‘going green,’ ‘building green,’ ‘greening,’ ‘green technology,’ ‘green solutions’ and more, drew … [Read more…]

Dan Roam on 2008

I’ve been a fan of Dan Roam ever since I read his lovely little book, The Back of the Napkin. [amtap book:isbn=1591841992] He almost never “rants,” something I manage to do on a regular basis.  He did recently in a blog entry called ” Fixing the USA… or tilting at windmills?” It’s lots of fun … [Read more…]

Wingsuit Base Jumping

As a general rule I look for items that amuse or annoy me to comment on, paying particular attention to titems that might have something to do with decision making.  This one ticks the first box in a big way.  As to how someone decides to do this . . . wingsuit base jumping from … [Read more…]

Mining the Rightwing Memes

Village Voice blogger Roy Edroso spent 2008 reading right wing blogs.  He’s been kind enough to summarize his favorite memes of the year.  Here’s the lead . . . Excited (not to say deranged) by the long Presidential campaign, conservative bloggers — rightbloggers, in our affectionate parlance — were in top form this year, and … [Read more…]

Getting “We” Involved

My friend and colleague Peter Flatow writes persuasively that unless “we” get involved, we’re going to be in lots of hurt.  He’s referring to “we the people,” the people that Bush left on the sidelines to spend, spend, spend while he did the same.  The “we” that were never asked to sacrifice for the great … [Read more…]

Drive-By Review: TechSpec

I put TechSpec on all my bikes.  I just don’t see how you can ride a modern performance-oriented bike without the ability to get a solid grip on your tank.  I include sport bikes, naked bikes, sport touring bike, and adventure bikes in this category.  So on it went to my K1200GT. The material is … [Read more…]

Chris Cox on the Virtues of Doing Absolutely Nothing

It’s stunning really.  The signature strategy of the Bush administration is to do victory laps for the purpose of bragging about their failures.  First Cheney admits publicly that he authorized illegal torture (and then that it’s okay for the President to wage thermonuclear war without talking to anyone) and now Chris Cox goes meets with … [Read more…]

Drive-By Review: Bags Connection Engage Bag Installation

I’ve tried most forms of tank bags . . . this was my first go at the very clever ring-mounted “Engage” bag by Bags Connection (bought mine from Pirate’s Lair).  For those not familiar, the bag itself attached to the bike via a plastic horseshoe shaped ring that joins up with a mate that’s attached … [Read more…]

Tour Italy With Dynamic Ducati Driving

I met a lovely lady named Amy at the recent Seattle Motorcycle Show who was handing out cards for Dynamic Ducati Driving. She has since sent me a note . . . My husband and I had the opportunity to experience Dynamic Ducati Driving in May / June 2008. We rode 2 days through the … [Read more…]