Ford betting on small cars

This is an example of big-time decision-making. The Ford Motor Company, which devoted itself for nearly 20 years to putting millions of Americans into big pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles, is about to drastically alter its focus to building more small cars. The struggling automaker, reacting to what it sees as a rapid and permanent … [Read more…]

USAirways Puts the Lie to “It’s not our fault”

by Kevin Hoffberg It’s not a secret that airlines are in deep pudding, blaming everyone and everything for their miserable financial performance and even worse customer satisfaction ratings. It appears that USAirways decided to do something about it reports the WSJ . . . The turnaround has been dramatic, especially considering that much of the … [Read more…]

Going There

Going There. Those words go together nicely. You get on a motorcycle and you Go There. So why is it that all I think about is the going part? I can’t speak for everyone who rides long distances, but my sense is that for the true Long Distance Rider, the going is more important than … [Read more…]

Drive-by Review: Underarmour heat gear

I may be the last one to this parade, but I finally discovered the joys of underamour heat gear / compression gear. Those are a lot of words: Here’s what they mean. Compression gear: I’ve been peripherally aware of the idea of compression gear most of my life from closely studying the Sears Catalog as … [Read more…]

Leadership and Decision Making

“Are you a good decision-maker?” “And what about ‘we’? When you think of the group, do ‘we’ make good decisions?” I will often start a decision workshop asking this series of questions. Given that the people in the room are typically senior managers and leaders of big organizations, the answers to the first question are … [Read more…]

Older people are happier than younger

Here’s an interesting bit about happiness. At least according to one piece of research, happiness correlates positively to age. The finding? Older people are generally happier than younger people. Here’s a snip from a piece in the Seattle Times. Since 1972, researchers have conducted 50,000 detailed interviews with Americans. The questions of the General Social … [Read more…]

Seattle School System in Need of Some Judgment

I’ve been having conversations with a client about the idea of “judgment,” as in teaching people in business to use judgment in decision making. It’s an interesting idea given that many people in business bemoan the lack of “fact-based” decision making. To say it’s a rich discussion is an understatement. With that as a background, … [Read more…]