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5 Htp And Cipro Effects

by kevin on March 18, 2007

5 Htp And Cipro Effects, I found this in the latest Time magazine. It's the story about why and how Harvard hematologist Jerome Groopman came to write a book called How Doctors Think. The big conclusion: "about 80% of medical mistakes are the result of predictable mental traps, or cognitive errors, that bedevil all human beings." Here is a list of four big thinkingtraps . . . [read]


Doctors, like most of us, are often led astray by stereotypes that are based on someone's appearance, emotional state or circumstances, 5 Htp And Cipro Effects. Thus a homeless man's disorientation might be quickly attributed to alcoholism when the real culprit is diabetes, 750mg 5 Htp And Cipro Effects.


"We all tend to be influenced by the last experience we had or something that made a deep impression on us," Groopman says. So if it's January, your doctor has just seen 14 patients with the flu and you show up with muscle aches and a fever, he or she is more likely to say you have the flu--which is fine unless it's really meningitis or a reaction to a tetanus shot that you forgot to mention.


Physicians typically prefer to act even when in doubt about the nature of the problem. 5 Htp And Cipro Effects, And yet this kind of "commission bias" can lead to all sorts of new problems if the treatment turns out to be incorrect. 20mg 5 Htp And Cipro Effects, ERROR 4: I HATE (OR LOVE) THIS PATIENT

Groopman cautions that emotions are more of an issue than most physicians like to admit. Doctors who are particularly fond of a patient have been known to miss the diagnosis of a life-threatening cancer because they just didn't want it to be true. But negative emotions can be just as blinding, sometimes stopping a doctor from going the extra mile. "If you sense that your doctor is irritated with you, that he or she doesn't like you," says Groopman, "then it's time to get a new doctor." Studies show that most patients are pretty accurate in describing their doctors' feelings toward them.

Much has been written about the subject of thinking traps, 150mg 5 Htp And Cipro Effects. , 5 Htp And Cipro Effects. . including by us. I'll dig some of it out and pass it along in another blog. In the meantime, if you find yourself in a situation where some expert is pronouncing judgment, consider it your duty to ask, 5 Htp And Cipro Effects us, why, why, why (at least three times) . . . unless of course that expert is wearing sunglasses and asking for your license and registration in which case . . .


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